Author: Patrick Dimpsey

Album of the Week XXV

25. The Discovery of a World Inside The Moone.jpg

The Discovery of A World Inside The Moone – The Apples in Stereo

For the 25th week of Album Update, I wanted to share something special.  So I have chosen an album from one of my all time favorite bands.  For the longest time I enjoyed their debut, which was the only one I had at the time.  However once I got my first laptop and discovered how to steal music, I was in a new world.  The Apples in Stereo was my soundtrack that year and will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have since purchased all of these records.

The Discovery of a World is a quintessential Apples in Stereo. Not sure if it is my favorite, but in my opinion, the epitome of their sound.  The rest of their records have me saying ‘Oh the Apples are trying something a little different’.  That got me thinking, what is “their sound”.  When I think Apples in Stereo, I think Stream Running Over.  The greatest track on their greatest album

Favorite tracks: Go, The Rainbow, Stream Running Over, Stay Gold


Album of the Week XXIV

24. LP.jpg

LP (2007) – Holy Fuck

From the second this album starts, it is go time.  LP is great electronic album full cinematic ready moments.  Anything from car chases to epic conclusions (and maybe both combined.  A real stand out is the track: Lovely Allen.  The strings for this song are actually arranged by Owen Pallett (who I covered a few weeks back.  Also this is the second ‘Fuck’ band covered.  The first obviously being Fucked Up.  Who are also from Toronto.  What is going on there? Overall a really interesting listen for anyone who likes electronic music, but always hated that weak drum sound.  Mark my words, the drums will be bumpin.

Favorite tracks: Super Inuit, Lovely Allen, Royal Gregory

Album of the Week XXIII

23. Islands Disappear.jpg

Islands Disappear (2009) – Said the Whale

Hailing from Vancouver, this Said the Whale has mastered changing minor/major key of an unsuspecting chord.  This band is from Canada and boy does this band let you know it. A collection of 12 songs and 1,097 Canadian references. Nothing new or revolutionary is coming out of here, just some solid tunes. Listen up.  It’s good for you.

Favorite tracks: Camillo (The Magician), False Creek Change, Goodnight Moon

Album of the Week XXII

22. The Beginning Stages of.....jpg

The Beginning Stage of…. (2002) – The Polyphonic Spree

Keys, horns, reeds, strings, percussion, guitars, and a chorus.  All of that is crammed in to this upbeat album.  The Polyphonic Spree is a party on stage, and it’s a good party.  Everyone is there.  This album is so up-beat it hurts. My only complaint is that after 9 fun songs there is a 36 minute track that is pretty brutal.  Yeah 36 minutes is a lot of nothing but a tonal noises.  Come on PSpree! However that’s an easy skip and the first 9 are great.

Favorite tracks: Have a Day / Celebratory, Hanging Around the Day Pt. 2, Light & Day / Reach for the Sun

Album of the Week XXI

21. Clinging to a Scheme.jpg

Clinging to a Scheme (2010) – The Radio Dept.

Clinging to a Scheme is The Radio Dept’s third LP and overall improvement in finding their sound.  I think it is also their best work to date.  It is a wave of sound all wrapped up by soft vocals.  I was able to see The Radio Dept. live in 2017, however since this release they have become more synth based.  I enjoy the washed out guitars. Great for putting on some headphones and getting lost.

Favorite tracks: Domestic Scene, A Token of Gratitude, You Stopped Making Sense

Album of the Week XX

20. A Grand Don't Come For Free.jpg

A Grand Don’t Come For Free (2004) – The Streets

In 20 weeks, Rap has been quite underrepresented.  Rap will continue to be underrepresented. However, not today!  The Streets, AKA Mike Skinner, is an English rapper.  I will admit, he may be an acquired taste, but there is something lovable about harsh Britishisms to his lyrics.  This album in particular is a fantastic listen due to the over arching story.  Mike, a character based on the rapper himself, loses an envelope containing 1000 pounds and his relationships, way of thinking, and life change from there.  This album even gives you two alternate endings.  The ‘happy’ ending is quite awesome.  If you listen to it, it really shows what a small change musically can do to the mood.

Favorite tracks: Could Well Be In, Fit But You Know It, Empty Cans

Album of the Week XIX


Heartland (2010) – Owen Pallett

Heartland in is a strong album in it’s own right.  However I want to highlight the man behind it.  Owen Pallett is freakin awesome. He is a collaborator with Arcade Fire, The National, and Taylor Swift.  Pallett is attributed for the orchestral arrangements for many of these albums. I would like to highlight the first two Arcade Fire records as having particularly awesome arrangements.  It’s quite honestly what makes those good albums great.  Oh yeah and Pallett has an Academy Award for best original score for the movie Her.  So no big deal. But he at least deserves a listen.

Favorite tracks: Keep the Dog Quite, Lewis Takes Action, Oh Heartland Up Yours!