Album of the Week XIII

13. Smile EP

Smile EP (2015) – The Royal Concept

 I know, I know this is not a full album.  However The Royal Concept packs in 5 ultra catchy tunes that can’t be ignored.  The Stockholm based group released one album and a hand full of EP previous to Smile, but the group is really finding it’s stride.  The chorus based vocals in each song, which I thought was just nice effect, is due to the fact that lead singer, David Larson, doesn’t enjoy his own voice.  No complaints here, but I dig the group vocals.

Favorite tracks: Smile, Fashion

Album of the Week XII

12. Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum (2005) – Tally Hall

What’s coming next? Eclectic is hardly the word.  The whole album really is a head scratcher. This is due to the fact that there are 4 main song writers, each with their own writing style. Somehow the spastic and quirks of each members all work together. In 2004, the opening track (Good Day) of this album won the John Lennon Scholarship.

Favorite tracks: Good Day, Spring and a Storm, Ruler of Everything

Album of the Week XI

11. Sha Sha

Sha Sha (2002) – Ben Kweller

This is a great “I recorded it in my bedroom” album.  Multi-Instrumentalist, Ben Kweller’s first solo album is a hit.  Songs can range from folksy acoustic tale (Lizzy) to a poppy ballad-esque track (Falling) to punk (Wasted & Ready).  All in all it’s a fun listen.  Not a lot of ‘Album Feel’ if you know what I’m talking about.  There really is no cohesiveness.  However it’s a good collection of tracks, and sometimes that’s good enough.

Favorite tracks: Wasted & Ready, Walk On Me, Harriet’s Got A Song

Ben’s Bensite

Album of the Week X

10. Coming Home

Coming Home (2015) – Leon Bridges

Silky smooth sounds of years past…2015.  Leon Bridges debut is strong reminder that 1960’s R&B can still be done right. Honestly, I am sucker for this style.  So if new music is coming out from a long gone era, I’m all about it.  That being said, I can see critics claiming this ship has sailed. If you want an easy ~30 minutes of smooth vocals and simple poppy R&B, grab those headphones.

Favorite tracks: Better Man, Smooth Sailin’, River

Website of Mr. Bridges

Album of the Week IX

9. The Soft Parade

The Soft Parade (1969) – The Doors

Album of the Week is not normally for established oldies bands, but this one is unique.  While this album is home to one of the most recognizable Doors songs (Touch Me), this whole album is the odd duck in their discography.  Some of these songs border on show tunes for cripes sake.  Don’t get me wrong, Jim Morrison always had flare for drama, but this big band  instrumentation is unprecedented.  It’s just strange that The Doors went from their default sound, to this, and back to their default sound.  I’m all for trying something different and this is no way a bad album.  It’s just curious.

Favorite tracks: Tell All The People, Touch Me, Runnin’ Blue, Wishful Sinful

Music on Screen


Music on Screen


Community is a beloved show with a cult following.  What I want to point out is the efforts made by Ludwig Goransson.  Never heard of him? Well Goransson has done pretty well for himself.  He has found success on writing music for TV shows such as Happy Endings, New Girl, and of course Community.  He is also a major player and collaborator on all of Childish Gambino records.  The song I want to point out from Community is titled, Annie’s Song. In particular, is the ending. A perfect way to end a song and episode for that matter.

Watch the set up from the episode! Unfortunetely this clip cuts the part I like. So listen to the full song HERE.