Album of the Week XVIII

18. The High Speed Scene.jpg

The High Speed Scene (2005) – The High Speed Scene

The High Speed Scene released a single album.  This is that single album.  That is ok in my opinion.  Honestly this album is so good, but so basic, that another 10-12 tracks of the same would almost be over kill.  Now I know that is a bad sell of this album. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic album. I guarantee this record will fly by.  Some may recognize The IROC-Z Song (which has an awesome music video) from MVP Baseball 2005 (AKA the greatest baseball video game ever crafted)

Favorite tracks: Assingear, The IROC-Z Song, Crazy Star


Album of the Week XVII

17. David Comes to Life.jpg

David Comes To Life (2011) – Fucked Up

David Comes to Life is an epic to say the least. It is all about the story of David, who falls in love with Veronica, and then the narrator becomes part of the story, and it gets kind of weird. Yeah it’s an epic. As an album that is labeled as ‘post hardcore’, generally I wouldn’t be drown to it.  However, Fucked Up has seemingly bridged the gap with a more melodic instrumentation.  Now I am not saying it doesn’t rock.  I am saying, three guitars can do some cool things.  If you aren’t a ‘hard-core’ fan, give this album a try.  The vocals grow on you.

Favorite tracks: Queen of Hearts, Serve Me Right, Lights Go Up

Album of the Week XVI

16. Hooray for Tuesday.jpg

Hooray For Tuesday (1998) – The Minders

Hooray for Tuesday is The Minders debut album.  From any album from the Elephant Six Collection you can imagine this one is packed full 60’s influenced hooks.  This is no exception and one of my favorite from the E6 catalog.  There is something about 60’s revival music from the 90’s that really gets me going.

Favorite tracks: Hooray for Tuesday, Joey’s Pez, Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Family Tree Round Up


The Family Tree – Radical Face

Yes, the Family Tree Trilogy is not over.  In 2015, Ben Cooper released ‘The Bastards’, a collection of B-Sides and unused songs from the other three albums.  Cooper has said there are even songs for the Family Tree project that he has not recorded. Some are sequels to songs we all ready have.  Uff. Just do it Ben.

I guess we’ll just be happy with what we got.

Album(s) of the Week XV (3/3)


The Family Tree: The Leaves (2016) – Radical Face

Part 3 of 3. Yes, finally we have reached Return of the Jedi…I mean Return of the King…The Leaves.  Yes I believe The Branches was a stronger overall outing.  But this one has the biggest peaks.  Two songs in particular are probably in my top 3 from the entire catalog.  Those being ‘Everything Costs’ (which has an awesome music video) and ‘The Ship in Port’.  ‘The Ship in Port’ is of course in reference to one of my favorite phrases from a poem by William Shedd.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ship’s are built for”

Yeah I am not sure if that is the exact quote, but it’s something like that.  Regardless this is a fantastic project and you should listen to all of them.

Favorite tracks: Everything Costs, The Ship in Port, Photograph

Album(s) of the Week XV (2/3)


The Family Tree: The Branches (2013) – Radical Face

Part 2 of 3.  The Branches is the 2nd installment and a stronger performance then the previous (The Roots).  I mean ‘stronger’ in every sense of the word.  The first full track ‘Holy Branches’ is much fuller then most, if not all, or the entire first Family Tree album. That is followed up by the very strong, and single worthy ‘The Mute”.  Overall this is a powerful heart felt album.  From cover to cover the strongest of the trilogy.

Favorite tracks: The Mute, Chains, Letters Home

Album(s) of the Week XV (1/3)


The Family Tree: The Roots (2011) – Radical Face

Part 1 of 3.  Radical Face, AKA Ben Cooper, takes on an ambitious project with the ‘Family Tree’.  This trilogy of albums tells tales of a family spanning generations.  You can check out a really great companion to the album HERE.  Radical Face’s website displays the tree.  Awesome story telling and awesome music.

Favorite tracks: A Pound of Flesh, Ghost Towns, Always Gold