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Album of the Week XVII

17. David Comes to Life.jpg

David Comes To Life (2011) – Fucked Up

David Comes to Life is an epic to say the least. It is all about the story of David, who falls in love with Veronica, and then the narrator becomes part of the story, and it gets kind of weird. Yeah it’s an epic. As an album that is labeled as ‘post hardcore’, generally I wouldn’t be drown to it.  However, Fucked Up has seemingly bridged the gap with a more melodic instrumentation.  Now I am not saying it doesn’t rock.  I am saying, three guitars can do some cool things.  If you aren’t a ‘hard-core’ fan, give this album a try.  The vocals grow on you.

Favorite tracks: Queen of Hearts, Serve Me Right, Lights Go Up


Album(s) of the Week XV (1/3)


The Family Tree: The Roots (2011) – Radical Face

Part 1 of 3.  Radical Face, AKA Ben Cooper, takes on an ambitious project with the ‘Family Tree’.  This trilogy of albums tells tales of a family spanning generations.  You can check out a really great companion to the album HERE.  Radical Face’s website displays the tree.  Awesome story telling and awesome music.

Favorite tracks: A Pound of Flesh, Ghost Towns, Always Gold