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Album(s) of the Week XV (2/3)


The Family Tree: The Branches (2013) – Radical Face

Part 2 of 3.  The Branches is the 2nd installment and a stronger performance then the previous (The Roots).  I mean ‘stronger’ in every sense of the word.  The first full track ‘Holy Branches’ is much fuller then most, if not all, or the entire first Family Tree album. That is followed up by the very strong, and single worthy ‘The Mute”.  Overall this is a powerful heart felt album.  From cover to cover the strongest of the trilogy.

Favorite tracks: The Mute, Chains, Letters Home


Album of the Week IV

King Con

King Con (2013) – Alex Winston

“Holy pop album Batman!” said Robin.  SMACK! Batman smacks across the face and says,  “You’re right Robin, holy pop album indeed.”  Alex Winston’s debut LP is full of radio friendly, upbeat, indie pop songs. This a straight sugar kick to the ears that is sure to raise that blood sugar.  This is a super accessible, chorus heavy, album without a whole lot of surprises.  Catchy catchy, so crank it up!

Favorite tracks: Medicine, Sister Wife, The Fold

Whoa Alex Winston’s website!

Album of the Week

White Lighter

White Lighter (2013) – Typhoon

From horns to handclaps, it is fair to say that Typhoon is Portland’s best 14 piece band.  White Lighter is a 13 track introspective epic.  Each song alone is moving and powerful in a unique way.  However a full listen from start to finish is the recommended method of consumption.  Like Megazord, White Lighter is just far more awesome when it is all put together.  This album is Megazord…a quieter, reflective megazord.

Favorite tracks: Young Fathers, Dreams of Cannibalism, Prosthetic Love

Visit Typhoon’s website!