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The Family Tree Round Up


The Family Tree – Radical Face

Yes, the Family Tree Trilogy is not over.  In 2015, Ben Cooper released ‘The Bastards’, a collection of B-Sides and unused songs from the other three albums.  Cooper has said there are even songs for the Family Tree project that he has not recorded. Some are sequels to songs we all ready have.  Uff. Just do it Ben.

I guess we’ll just be happy with what we got.


Album of the Week X

10. Coming Home

Coming Home (2015) – Leon Bridges

Silky smooth sounds of years past…2015.  Leon Bridges debut is strong reminder that 1960’s R&B can still be done right. Honestly, I am sucker for this style.  So if new music is coming out from a long gone era, I’m all about it.  That being said, I can see critics claiming this ship has sailed. If you want an easy ~30 minutes of smooth vocals and simple poppy R&B, grab those headphones.

Favorite tracks: Better Man, Smooth Sailin’, River

Website of Mr. Bridges