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Album(s) of the Week XV (3/3)


The Family Tree: The Leaves (2016) – Radical Face

Part 3 of 3. Yes, finally we have reached Return of the Jedi…I mean Return of the King…The Leaves.  Yes I believe The Branches was a stronger overall outing.  But this one has the biggest peaks.  Two songs in particular are probably in my top 3 from the entire catalog.  Those being ‘Everything Costs’ (which has an awesome music video) and ‘The Ship in Port’.  ‘The Ship in Port’ is of course in reference to one of my favorite phrases from a poem by William Shedd.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ship’s are built for”

Yeah I am not sure if that is the exact quote, but it’s something like that.  Regardless this is a fantastic project and you should listen to all of them.

Favorite tracks: Everything Costs, The Ship in Port, Photograph


Album of the Week V

Do Hollywood

Do Hollywood (2016) – The Lemon Twigs

Lovers of 60s-70s pop you can stop building your time machine now.  Do Hollywood is all the time machine you need. The Lemon Twigs are straight from a different time.  Brian and Michael D’Addario, while only 17 & 19 years old at the time of record release, seem like veterans in song writing craft.  Are the songs sporadic and weird? Sure, but that’s what they are going for.  Foxygen fans better check this album out.  Especially since Jonathan Rado produced it.  If nothing else, listen to it to support these young artists.  Or don’t, either way there is a bright future a head for The Lemon Twigs.

Favorite tracks: I Wanna Prove To You, Baby Baby, These Words

This Website is the Lemon Twiggiest!

Album of the Week III


Worry. (2016) – Jeff Rosenstock

Punk is not dead.  Jeff Rosenstock’s second solo record is as good as they come.  Few songs, let alone 17 track albums, have such honest and relatable lyrics.  Who doesn’t like a song about judgmental neighbors? For those who like, let’s say Weezer, but wish they were a bit more genuine and hard rockin’.  Jeff Rosenstock is your man.  Plus Rosenstock is on his own independent label, so make sure to buy his stuff.  No money going round and round.

Favorite Tracks: We Begged 2 Explode, Pash Rash, I Did Something Weird Last Night, Perfect Sound Whatever

Jeff Rosenstock is on the interweb!